The Team


P1070520Louis Mendy is a business Reporter  as well as a Sports Editor with West Coast Radio in The Gambia, West Africa.  He anchores a popular Radio program, Rice and Peas, every Sunday, which basically aims at empowering Black people and educating them about their roots and culture. He is an ardent fan of Reggae Music and a keen follower of international politics.

P1070480Bernard Agyemang was born on August 29. He is currently a third year student of the University of Ghana reading English and Politcal Scince. He also works as a volunteer of Radio Univers 105.7fm. Bernard host Business Agenda(Business Magazine Show), Viewpoint(Current Affairs Programme), and the morning show (Campus Exclusive). His philosophy is that nothing is impossible if you put up a positive attitude towards it. Challenges should not stop you from achieving the ultimate goal. It should rather strengthen you.


Abdullateef Abubakar Jos (Radio) is a Nigerian practising journalist with a private radio (Freedom Radio) based in Kano. He has being in the broadcast industry in the last four years after some stint in the print media. He worked with Classique magazine in Lagos, Assembly Watch and Elders Magazine both in Abuja. He attended International Institute of Journalism and Kano State Polythenic (both in Abuja and Kano State) for his professional training. The United States of America embassy in Abuja accredited him in November 2008 as part of media people invited to monitor US presidential election. He has attended several journalism and leadership trainings locally and internationally. The 35 year old reporter, presenter and newscater is happilly married with two kids (a boy and a girl).The presenter of Freedom Radio daily Business Report has flair for travelling, reading and meeting people.

P1070565My name is Prossy Nandudu, born in 1982 in the eastern part of Uganda, mbale district; I am a mugisu by tribe. I am  journalist with Vision Group in Uganda, to be precise: Vision Voice radio. For those who are familiar with Vision group: it has ventured into electronic media. So far it has five radio stations and the TV station is being set up. I have practiced for TV, radio and newspapers especially financial issues and am still practicing. Currently I am persuing a degree course in Microfinance and Economic development at Uganda Christian University, Nkozi. That is a brief about me.

Hi, Margaret Oduro is my name, born on 28 May and hails from the Eastern Region of Ghana, Kwahu to be precise. I had my Primary Education at St.Peter’s Lutheran School and continued at St. Rose’s Secondary School. I am currently a third year student at the University of Ghana, Legon studying French and Information Studies. I am also a student volunteer of Radio Univers 105.7, the first private radio station with the issues of students as its topmost priority. I am a producer of  Behind The Headlines, Business Agenda and Lunch Spice. One thing I believe in life is that the only way we can get God to grant our heart desires is to show appreciaton for every single thing he does for us. Just try that and you will understand what i’m saying.

P1070616I am Sheku Sumaila Jr, born on the 31st of december 1981 in Freetown, Sierra Leone as the first son and child to my mother and father. I am a radio and television reporter withe Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service. I started journalism immediately after high school as a a cuts reporter at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service. I have has several trainings with my station and other media organisations including the ThomsonFoundation in the United Kingdom. At the university of Sierra Leone – Institute of Public Afministration and Management (IPAm). At present I am at the business desk at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service.

P1070464 I am Eric Sampson, a Broadcast Journalist, working with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (Twin-City Radio) in the Western Region of Ghana.


This is Judith Akolo, I am the first born in a family of five. I have several nieces and nephews. I live in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. I work as a business reporter with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. My work entails going out to gather news and prepare it for the days English bulletin. My hobbies include traveling and meeting new people. I believe in taking challenges head on, and just as Confucious put it: The Journey of a Thousand miles begins with a step. I take every step presented to me to try and cover the thousand.

P1070554My names are Munkiwe Wadak, born 27th February 1979 at Jos Plateau State Nigeria, age 30, married on the 2nd of May 2009, am a broadcaster at the Plateau radio television Corporation Jos. My ambition is to own Nigerias first online radio service. In my spare time I love to read, listen to music and sing.

P1070508Samuel Kazibwe is a journalist working with Radio Simba in the Central Part of Uganda. He works as a reporter and social/political analyst, and he has done this for the past 4 years. Samuel went to Uganda Christian University where he studied Mass Communication specialising in journalism.He loves reading books on political economy,International relations, Civil activism, Autobiographies of history makers, religion, among others. He enjoys both prose and poetry.

P1080229Hi, I am Esther Aidoo, a Ghanaian working with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. I come from a family of six and I have three siblings. I like making friends and at the same time, I am very reserved in nature. What I hate most in life is gossip.

P1080025My name is Chamsan K Audu. I was born 8th September, 1978. I am a Nigerian, single and a broadcaster with Plateau Radio Television Corporation [PRTVC] Jos. I studied Economics and I produce, edit News bulletin and report economic issues on the television arm of the corporation. I love reading, making research, traveling, listening to music  and as well derive plesure in swimming.

P1080245Nicholas Osei-Wusu was born on February 12th, 1979 at Ninting near Asante Mampong in the Ashanti Region of Ghana in West Africa. His father, Freeman Peter Osei-Wusu, is a retired health worker while Dora Acheampong, the mother is a professional teacher. Nicholas holds a Diploma in Journalism from the Institute of Business Management  & Journalism in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital. He has been working with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, GBC, the national broadcaster of Ghana, for the last  six years as a Broadcast Journalist. He writes for both Radio and Television. He has attended several local and international conferences and workshops including the Making Finance Work for Africa organized by the DW-Akademie in Ghana. He is married to Martha Osei-Wusu, a nurse. They are yet to have a child in the three-month old marriage.

P1070984Hi, this is Jessie Bawak. I am a news presenter and economic reporter for Spectrum Television Cameroon. The leading private media. Working for many hours everyday is tiring but interesting . I meet  people and hear their different perceptions which gives me added knowledge.

P1080195My name is Yvonne Owusu-Twum. I am 27 years old I come from Ghana and work with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in Accra. I attended the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra and obtained Diploma in Communication Studies. At work I write stories, edit them and voice.

P1080223Beatrice Agyemang is a broadcast journalist and a news anchor on tv3 network limited in Ghana. She reports on general news but her focus is on business news. She has a degree in business entreprenuership.


They used to call me STAN GANZEL a senior journalist working for Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) since 2002. My journalism career started soon after completing my Bacherlors of Arts degree at the University of Dar Essalaam in Tanzania there after employed by TBC where I work until now. In 2006/2007 I happened to do my masters in Public Policy under the department of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Brunei, Daressalam which was sponsoring CBA. I’m now heading the business desk for TV and Radio at TBC the work which is empowed by the course I attend in Accra, Ghana organised by DW Akademie I have a positive expectations that my reporting financial news will work for Africa.

P1080134I am Odelia Ofori, a 28 year old business journalist with TV3 news Ghana. I studied geography at the university of Ghana and completed in 2005. I love business journalism because it possesses a challenge to me and makes me have an urge over my peers.

P1080252Kesewaah Awuakye is a Broadcast Journalist at Metro TV. She reports for the network on various events which provide viewers with an inside look at the political, economic, social and cultural affairs and trends in Ghana. Kesewaah is a news anchor as well. She started with Metro TV as an intern, later had her national service with the company and is now an employee of Metro TV, in the News Department. Kesewaah loves her job so much and finds it interesting and challenging. She says the best is yet to come of her job and hopes to be on the international front some day. She also has personal ambitions of becoming a lawyer in the future. She loves to read or sing when she is off work. Kesewaah holds a BFA honours degree from the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ghana, Legon.

P1080110foli dzitorsi kom works as  a newsproducer, anchor and journalist with metro tv in accra, ghana. his passion is working on stories that help the audience improve on their lives through a better understanding of issues, no matter where on the globe. business and finance are of particular interest. of course, he is ready to work on any story anywhere on the globe once it makes the world a better place.  Be prepared to explore other business opportunities over a game of chess.


P1240388Christine Harjes (Radio/Online) is a freelance radio and online journalist living in Cologne.  Before her journalism training at Deutsche Welle, she worked at a bank, and studied economics and North American literature. She is a reporter/editor on the DW international politics Africa Desk, has traveled the continent extensively, and has reported on African politics, cultural and economic issues – like macroeconomics, development aid, investment, and banking.

P1240399Kateri Jochum (Project Manager/Radio) is a freelance journalist living in New York. She got her tri-medial journalism training at the Deutsche Welle Academy, and has worked in the Deutsche Welle’s English and German service as reporter, producer and editor. From 2007-2008 she was producer and host of Money Talks, a weekly 30-minute business and finance magazine for the English radio service. In 2008, she trained and reported on renewable energy, business and politics in Kenya.


Sarah Mersch (Online) is a freelance video/radio/online journalist living in Bonn and Berlin. She trained at the Deutsche Welle Academy, and works on the DW international politics Africa and Middle East desks in the German service at Deutsche Welle Radio. She has reported from abroad, including from Egypt, Morocco and Tunis, and has trained the DW cadets in online reporting.

P1240421Ulrich Koehler (Television) is a freelance cameraman living in Berlin. He has worked in film and television since 1971, with a focus on human-interest documentaries. In the news pieces, business and finance stories were main topics. He has trained for Deutsche Welle Academy in Asia and Africa on numerous occasions since 1990.

P1080127Ellen Roethinger (Television) is a freelance video editor living in Berlin. She has worked as a video editor for a range of German broadcasters for over 15 years in the fields of news, magazine reports and documentaries, and has trained for the DW-AKADEMIE in Africa and Asia since 2001. She has a background in experimental film and a masterdegree from the University of fine arts in Berlin. AVID is her main professional tools.

P1240425Michael Thamm (Television) has worked in radio and television broadcasting for over 25 years, as editor, presenter and has been executive producer at WDR, West German Broadcasting Corporation, for more than 10 years. He has done live broadcasts and pre-recorded radio and television shows, and has reported from abroad, including from Somalia, El Salvador, Eritrea, Yemen and Afghanistan.


6 responses to “The Team

  1. Ever break taking Louis, all calm Bernard, reserve the food for after the fast hmmmmmmmmmm what a fast Abdul, sweet miss Uganda she is simply Prossy, ready for school Margret, girls if you want to have a good laugh me Mr Sheku Sheku.

    catch me later for more.

  2. Nice one will blog in next time for more

  3. King, Prince, General, Landlord, Philosopher, Student, Teacher – Queen, Ms. Cool, Sweet Miss — and all the rest – I miss you!
    I have sent all the information and I hope we will be working together again VERY SOON!

  4. not to forget all the import-export-experts, the singles, the morningtoast-lovers (I hate jam!), the singers, dancers and pool-observers (hi Stan!). I just came back from a birthday-party. Of course I had to report about the training, the circumstances and people. And – as often before – again I heard myself talking about a wonderful time and wonderful participants. I learned a lot, you shared your viewpoints, you offered advice about roots and culture, you guided us behind the headlines. Well there at the business-desks, busy with challenges,conflicts and chapters,busy with research and double-checks – once again thanks a lot!! Hope, to see you again.
    And Esther may I say: “Reserved in nature” is not my experience.
    Big hug

  5. Hello, Acrra, Berlin, Bonn, New York, Nairobi, Darsalam, yaounde, freetown, Jos and Everyone. lots of love from Louis, the GENERAL.

  6. Hi people
    Where did you go?
    You disapeared
    Happy New year,
    Wishing you bigger plans for 2010

    NB.Break the silance

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