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Learning about finance starts in school

Learning about finance starts in school

Does Microinsurance really get to the people? How can students reach a higher level of Financial Literacy?And how can Access to Finance be improved? Read more in the multimedia dossiers.



Its amazing how quick humanity forget lessons that are meant to be learnt through events that we encounter. The world financial leaders must indeed show remorse for failing the world in the first place and be moderate and selfless in their decision making. Taking a cue from President Barak Obama and Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s advice, it should be the best reasoning to think over. Besides a failure in one part of the world now means the entire world must suffer, something so inevitable with the continious global villaging process. My point, let those in charge of the rest of us be mindful of our needs too and make room for our survival too. The recession might be ending but lets give it the space to settle down properly before we zoom in to events that brought it about.

Ekuba Quarmine

The effects of money laundering on African economies

Money Laundering has over years helped drug barons stay in business with assistance of certain financial institutions simply because some of these institutions are in one way or other benefiting from the illegal trade. Money frome drug transactions is put in to the formal f inancial system for future  dealings thus  enhancing continuity at the detriment of society and economies. Some banks in Africa are seen to be having returns  that are not commensurate to their legal investment which sometime makes people to wonder how  these bank are operating. In Africa,efforts are being  made by goverments to put a stop to financial organisations aiding drug cartels to continue in business. Drug abuse  in Africa is  not helping the situation in any way. Most of the youth who  are supposed  to be  contributing to the economies are either in drug or are influenced by drug barons to be  either marketers or retailers thereby  diverting their attention from normal schooling

In my opinion, that if finance should work for Africa, the activities of the banks must  be closely monitored.

Sheku Sumaila

venture capital

inviting  your thoughts on venture capital? how accessible is the trust fund.share your experiences, small and medium scale  companies.lets start the debate to make the fund more viable.

beatrice  agyemang

Teaching High School Students in Ghana how to save money

Ghanaians generally are an enterprising people who have been trading for centuries.However,they have not been able to uplift themselves out of poverty.The reason partly for this state of affairs is that lack of financial literacy.

I had an interview with the programme co-ordinator of  ‘Junior Achievement’, Mr. Alex Ofosu at the Calvary International School at Medina in Accra, Ghana , on financial literacy programme for high schools.This programme is designed to help high school students to understand financial issues such as: savings,loans,insurance, and investment. SL270019

Eric Sampson

consumer protection

Africa is a continent where the consumer is left to suffer at hands of dishonest business  and financial institutions simply because  people in governance have over years failed  to put in place or enforce regulations that would seeek the interest of the ordinary man in their various countries.

Price increase and even interest rates are not  normally communicated to the consumer before hand so that he or she would  have got prior knowledge before entering  in to any transactions most times causing confusion and  lack of confidence therefore making finance work for Africa very difficult.

Sheku Sumaila

Saving without banking

Saving money with the bank is not only safe; it also ensures that people don’t miss out on the interest that goes with it. Interestingly, some Ghanaians still prefer to stick to the traditional Ghanaian way of saving, “Susu”. Bernard Agyemang visited the 37 Lorry station in Ghana and reports on what savings mean to some people in Accra.

Susu Scheme by mfw4ghana