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Bank of Uganda is advising the public against gift circles and Pyramid schemes.

The schemes claim to offer business opportunities that can enrich those who participate.

 Those who join are required to pay five thousand shillings into a series of bank accounts; in return each new member expects to receive payment from new members.

These eventually run out of new members. When this happens, some members are not paid but the owners still benefit.

 Executive director Supervision at Bank of Uganda, Justine Bagyenda says similar schemes collapsed in 2003 with many people loosing their money.

 She adds that as the central bank, they will continue freezing bank accounts of such institutions


Financial literacy, capability, interest rates, Africa

Welcome back radio people,i hope you had a great time at the conference. Did you succeed in getting your interviews? If you faile you are in trouble with Kateri. You she is the editor here so i guess you know what editors do when ………

Dear Kateri,its a joke,

Well,some times you have to think fast to come up with another story apart from that the editor has sent you; that is if you have totally failed. But be very careful. Make sure the alternative story intersts the editor other wise you risk missing out on assignments for the whole week. As for me i was able to succed but i cant say am doing well till i meet my coconut man tomorow.

You know,this man needs my advise.

First of all: he has to learn some thing like record keeping,how to access a loan and service it, good customer care, investing that money more and graduating from one wheel barrow to afruit shop. It’s very possible if i have told him the above things. This means he can easily become an employer. Of course after  improving his life style ie Good clothing, basic items to his family etc. Now when all this is done,that is what i would call financial capability after some learning which experts are terming as Financial literacy.

You know these expert make it hard for me and my coconut man to understand,eveny my lady selling groundnuts wrapped in a small polythen bags on the streets of Ghana and Uganda to understand. Things like financial literacy, financial capability, interest rates,servicing loans,.. man would you understand this? Of course you would but not my people just a reminder the coconut man and the lady selling groundnuts on the street.That is why I (We) are here in the DW Akademie,to be able to help my two friends understand those terms.

By the time we are through with the training, more people would be able able to learn from us and trust me we shall be able to make finance work for Africa.These are some of the issues that came up in todays conferance on the making finance work for Africa.

I know you would like to hear more from me but am sorry,my eyes are itchingg,i have to go to bed,

Good nite God bless.

May be see you at Osu market.This is where i get to meet the likes of my two friends and many more.And this is where we share our knowledge and experiences on our financial world


Prossy Nandudu

Hunger takes you places

In the every day life, you are attracted to to some thing delicious or tasty or some thing. Your nose will accompany your hunger to wherever it finds satsifaction. This was the case for us on saturday. We went out looking for lunch. Our land lord (Eric) took us to some place for variety.  You know what i mean. In my country we would call it katogo. It means a  collection of all sorts of things for a common good. there was a dish of bushmeat which we were told its a grass cutter,  there was chicken,  bats, rats, but my worst site was the  snail. Honestly would you stand the sight of  a snail in your dish at the table for lunch? This is what greated my sight. Believe me, I wouldnt have eaten in that restaurant if i had seen the snail before. That is not all, the lady serving it, warm and welcoming, full of smiles, and nicely displays it on its leddle for me to see, as its green thick soup drops in the dish. I cant blame her . she too was surprised at me. I was like am I in the right place? trust me, I will spend more cedesi (forgive me for the spelling) on chips and chicken in a good restaurant than buying chiecken and rice at 4 cedesi in same place where they serve snails.

CIMG0065That is not the end of the story. Its a delicasy here in Ghana, and some parts of Nigeria. am told, its another sweet thing in Cameroon, to be particular,southwest region of Cameroon. In Nigeria its for the Ibo people. I happened to talk to my friend who happens to enjoy the so called delicacy. she tells me its nice. she says the cook it without the shell. But you must wash it quite well for the slippery part to go off. can you imagine!!picture your self with that slipery stuff in your hands. However this is the main source of  income for the over thirty people I saw working in this restuarant.Most of them are young ladies.Un fortunately,i didnt inquire about the price,but i will be going back next saturday, and i will give you the price if you are rearly interested.

I will keep you posted on this particular story.

I would like to know what particular food values can we get from this thing(the snail) that you and i cant do without!?

Back home in uganda,its ……………..i cant explain,what we would rearly call you if you dared ate one

good bye for now. God bless,

Prossy Nandudu

The Coconut

Ever thought of the wonders of a coconut? Well, when you come into Ghana, the first sight is some young man pushing a wheel barow. On it are some green things like balls, which I later learnt are the coconut. The young man is pushing them around town, for people to buy. He is looking for a living. But did you know that you could get more than money out of a coconut?

The coconut is divided into three parts.

1. The outer part, the hard one, can be used as fuel as wells a raw material for making sacks,

2. The second part is the juice or the water inside it. This water is full of nutrients – some mothers say its nutrients are equivalent to those in breast milk, so in the event that the mother fails to breast feed the baby, coconut juice could be an option. Apart from that, its a known cure to some heart related diseases like reducing cholestrol levels, is good for the scheme and eases digestion.

3. and the third part is the soft thing, sort of a milk coating after boiling – trust me it tastes great, you should try it, then you can feel what am talking about.

This is the begining of my discovery piece in Ghana, keep glued for another interesting piece from me, you could give a feed back on my piece and particularly more info – because  it may be new to me as I am a Ugandan, visiting Ghana for the first time.

Prossy Nandudu