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45133178_44196cfef8_oDoesn’t it interest you how suddenly the sale of  locally made textiles have gained grounds in the market? Not too long a ago one could hardly find Ghanaians especially ladies in local prints in church not even to talk of parties. It was almost as if local cloths were only made for our old ladies. I guess that was because our dear young Ghanaians including myself thought we were living in a modern world. Of course with all the advanced and sophisticated technologies everywhere now, there is no doubt we’re living in a globalised world. But does the fact that we’re living in a modern world mean we should forget every perculier feature that projects our African values including our fashion? Certainly not! Fortunately there has been a miraculous change in the Ghanaian fashion trend. Lots of Ghanaians are beginning to show great interest in the local textiles.166356193_dbeb2edb15_oThrough the initiative of our former president, John Agyekum Kufuor, on Fridays,almost every worker puts on an African wear popularly known as “Friday Wear”. Today, friday wear is not only common to the Ghanian worker but to students as well. Visit the various campuses in Ghana and you will be amazed to see how students galantly walk about in beautifully designed friday wears.

I really will like to congratulate Ghanaians and encourage that greater interest should be shown in local textiles because as I walked along the busy streets of Osu today, I realised that the number of shops that were filled with already made African wear were just uncountable.

This indicates that several business opportunities have been opened to many Ghanaians and the Ghanaian economy is being boosted as well.