Ghana is fast becoming the most attractive destination for foreign investors in West Africa. The country has enjoyed a considerable amount of stability for the past fifteen years and this has meant that the country has been able to develop economically. Over the last decade, Ghanaians have gone to the polls twice and have been able to change their governments peacefully. And now, one can only believe that the culture of Democracy is fully entrenched. With the smooth transition from one government to the other and the  current freedom of expression that I see in this country, I have no doubt that this country has a very bright future. Well for those of us who do not  the luxury od Democracy in our  own countries, we can only stand by and admire as the BLACK  STAR shines on her people. But all is not lost, perhaps the rays from  the Black Star will one day penetrate acrooss the rest of the continent and bring about the desired change. I cannot but admire Ghanaians and the path they have taken.

Louis D Mendy


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