My short experience of living with Ghanaians

The Ghanaians are very kind people when you first visit their beautful city of ACRRA. When you enter into the city via airport you will be welcomed by taxi drivers and “telephone lenders” whose interest is to unite you with your host.

They will study you by your face and how you look like then will have the answer of the amount of money they will take from your pocket.

The taxi driver will charge you much if you  don´t know where you are going and the telephone lender who aims at uniting you with the host will pretend to be generous especially if  you have dollars and euros so that can help you to change before you pay back the generosity by paying more than if you could be charged officially. And so the life goes on the street the more you come close to know them the less you pay for the services you get…… but generally are good people to live with!!!!!!!!!!



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