life on foreign land

It is exactly 12:30 and i have just stepped off the Kenya airways at Kotoka airport in Accra, Ghana. The purpose of my journey is to attend the Make Finance Journalism Work for Africa. I had not been to any west African Country before so despite the tiring hours spent in air, my eyes were still wide open as there were many things that earned my admiration. In fact, the closest i had been to Ghana was my primary 6 lesson about cocoa growing in Ghana.

One thing that struck me most was the strength of the Ghana currency, Cedes, compared to the dollar. When i first read the rates i could not believe my eyes. I moved closer to the board with the rates and confirmed the strength of the cedis. Each American dollar goes for 1.4 cedes. In my country, Uganda, each dollar is equivalent to 2000 shillings. Then later when i left the Kotoka aiport and boarded a taxi to the Eastoment Guest house where i was to stay for 2 weeks, i struggled with my conciense to accept that the drivers were doing the right thing- they were driving on the right yet back home we drive on the left. At several occasions i thought someone was running into us. This and many other aspects of life in this former gold coast, made my stay a mixture excitement and hilarity.

Samuel Kazibwe


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