PRO: A good way to get started

Insurance companies like many other business entities, have one main target which Profit is making. They are not institutions of charity.
They play a very crucial role in the lives of their clients by acting as their cushion in uncertain times. They sell Premiums to hundreds if not thousands of individuals who put their monies together in a pool to serve as cover for all.
Therefore for the companies to be able to adequately cover for everyone when the need arises, it will be important that each contributor’s state of health is ascertained before they become a part of that family. It is not an issue of Human Rights abuse here, but simply a logical business practice. Sick people cannot be expected to sign any contracts.

A classical example will be signing a chronically ill person alongside someone who has no health problem at all. Will it then be fair to make a full pay out in the event he or she dies the following day? Am afraid it will not be!

It’s true that in some instances companies screened the blood of their would-be clients without telling them the reason for doing so. But would anyone blame the companies for protecting their interests? After all it is the prerogative of the clients to ask as many questions as they can about what they sign up to. A failure to realize their rights cannot be attributed to any foul play by the insurance companies. In the Holy Bible we are told, each man is your brother’s keeper. But in business, you are not your brother’s keeper.

Louis Mendy


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