Waste creates jobs

Creating jobs with waste can ease Ghana’s unemployment, where about 40 percent of the population are unemployed. Recycling waste to create jobs will largely depend on both government and private sector intervention.

Everyday about a hundred and fifty trucks dump refuse at the Oblogo landfill site. The stockpile of refuse, the stench, the sight of vultures, and the thundery sounds of earth moving equipment may not attract you. Nevertheless for Humphrey Gbeve for the past 30 years, scavenging on the pile of refuse is daily routine.

For him and his colleagues the truck loads of garbage dumped guarantee income. Humphrey collects almost everything, plastics, bottles and metals. Humphrey Gbeve says he makes about ten Cedis on a good day. Ten hours a day he searches through the refuse. “I am not ashamed of working at the land fill site as it pays my bills. If I want to earn more money, I keep my collection for  about three days and hen I sell it off.” Humphrey believes recycling can ease unemployment.  There is more to be earned, if the refuse ends up in a recycling plant.

How recycling is creating jobs

Amoh Twum is a pioneer in the recycling business. According to him about 90% of waste generated can be recycled. “The fact that we have no use for items like paper and metal does not mean they should be wasted.” He believes waste management should be incorporated in the academic curriculum for better understanding of recycling waste.

He buys scrap from the dealers and packages them into paper and metal bails. Many of the metal bails end up in metal mills in china or Europe. His company produces up to 70,000 bales of paper  every month. In his recycling plant at Tema over 20 people are employed and he is expected to employ one hundred more. This shows recycling management should be taken seriously and not wasted.


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