Business careers start in highschool

There is a new subject for High School Students in Ghana. The government has introduced Financial Literacy into High Schools curriculum to make students more aware of financial issues.

At the Calvary International School at Medina in Accra, the students study financial literacy under a programme called ‘Junior Achievement’. In the years back they read subjects such as ´Business Method´to enable them have business skills after school. But because of inadequate knowledge among many students, government has included financial literacy in  the schools´ syllabus. At Medina, they teach students on how to save money and on issues of finance to enable them make informed decisions when it comes to business.


A former student of Calvary International School, Tina Owusu, managed to build a kiosk. She started her business with only 1 GH.Cedi. She credits her success to the school’s finance programme, and this is what she has to say:

Tina by mfw4ghana

Eric Sampson


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