Has it ever crossed your mind what determines the fare you pay to a Ghanaian taxi driver when you charter the cab?

In Ghana chartering a taxi is known as “dropping’’ and in taking dropping as it is usually said one might think it is just the distance-and nothing else-that determines the fare the cab driver decides to charge.

476694222_171804443fBut, while you might be checking out the outward appearance of the car, the driver may also have some thoughts running through his head regarding how much to charge you looking at your outward appearance.

And woe betides you if you are in the company of a “pretty” lady you could be headed for trouble because your bargaining power would have been crippled leaving you with no choice but to pay what you are charged. Who knows, in your bid to impress, you just might ask the driver to keep the change.

This might come as a surprise but it is true; where you may find yourself might give the driver an idea of how much to charge you. If you happen to be anywhere near a top-rated hotel or a residential area just check to see if your pocket is heavy with cash.

The good old taxi driver will have a field day if you so find yourself in any of these situations. Your pain becomes his gain.

So the next time you are taking a “dropping’”, you better check what you are wearing, where you are standing or the person standing next to you, for that could determine how much you pay.

Bernard Agyemang


3 responses to “”Dropping”

  1. Nice going Benard, believe me you Ghanaians aint alone on that score!

  2. Pretty ladies, huh?

  3. hahahahahaha, it isnt that bad all the time. there are some pretty nice taxi drivers out there you know?

    you only need to discover them. kess

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