Ghana has surpassed all my expections and more. Before I came to Accra I had a fair idea of how patriotic the Ghanians were and I always saw them as being more responsible and focused than we-Nigerians. For example in order to help local industry find a solid footing, the Ghanians obediently without compulssion agreed to the policy of wearing local fabrics every Friday. Not only does this policy help local industry to keep running providing a veritable source of revenue, it also helps keep many employed and further boosts national pride.

Yesterday at the making finance work for Africa conference I noticed that instead of having a coffee break they had a cocoa break. This struck me as strange so I set out to find out why? Was this somebody’s idea of a joke? Was it an honest mistake? My investigation led to the realisation tha the Ghanians were in fact at it again. This time the thinking is, Ghana grows cocoa not coffee and thus having a cocoa break served the economy better than having coffee breaks would which only furthers the economy of those countries who are into it’s production while taking away valuable forex, job opportunities and potential allied industry.

There is a lesson there for all of Africa to emulate and that believe me
isn’t lost on me.
More grease to the elbows of our closest brothers in the region.

Munkiwe wadak



  1. Don’t you think so…?

  2. Wadak, great investigative, on-site research! Now – where is the picture of the steaming cup of hot cocoa??? 🙂 I want some…

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