Making ends meet!

This is the story of how Peter Gameli an Accra based entrepreneur fought the odds of dearth for jobs and poverty through self reliance to achieve success. He started out as an unemployed graduate in Kumasi who swallowed his pride and got engaged in menial labour to keep body and soul together. Due to honesty, diligence and share determination he was recommended for a job with the mines at Kumasi, but being a man who not afraid to take risks he left his comfort zone and began to manage a provision store for a family friend. During his time as manager the store ran smoothly turning over as much as 250% profit monthly.

Peter wanted more out of life so he left Kumasi for Accra with his eyes on the opportunities the capital city afforded him-opportunities most inhabitants of Accra may not know exist. He raised money as a DVD’s sales man and when he had saved enough he started dealing in shoes then moved on to home appliances.

Today if you visit Peter at his place along trade fair road Accra, you’ll find he now runs his own car dealership, can you beat that? Peter’s story may not be news to you but his focused approach to life has paid off, is your attitude making things work for you?
Munkiwe Wadak




2 responses to “Making ends meet!

  1. Where did he get the money to start his own store? Did he save or borrow? From a bank or friends? Did he have collateral? Does he now? Where does he bank at the moment? What does his business plan look like? How did he learn to make one? Is he saving for a rainy day?
    I think you need more than diligence and determination to make your finances work…:)

  2. But I am confused. Does he sell shoes? Or why are they in the background?

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