Financial literacy, capability, interest rates, Africa

Welcome back radio people,i hope you had a great time at the conference. Did you succeed in getting your interviews? If you faile you are in trouble with Kateri. You she is the editor here so i guess you know what editors do when ………

Dear Kateri,its a joke,

Well,some times you have to think fast to come up with another story apart from that the editor has sent you; that is if you have totally failed. But be very careful. Make sure the alternative story intersts the editor other wise you risk missing out on assignments for the whole week. As for me i was able to succed but i cant say am doing well till i meet my coconut man tomorow.

You know,this man needs my advise.

First of all: he has to learn some thing like record keeping,how to access a loan and service it, good customer care, investing that money more and graduating from one wheel barrow to afruit shop. It’s very possible if i have told him the above things. This means he can easily become an employer. Of course after  improving his life style ie Good clothing, basic items to his family etc. Now when all this is done,that is what i would call financial capability after some learning which experts are terming as Financial literacy.

You know these expert make it hard for me and my coconut man to understand,eveny my lady selling groundnuts wrapped in a small polythen bags on the streets of Ghana and Uganda to understand. Things like financial literacy, financial capability, interest rates,servicing loans,.. man would you understand this? Of course you would but not my people just a reminder the coconut man and the lady selling groundnuts on the street.That is why I (We) are here in the DW Akademie,to be able to help my two friends understand those terms.

By the time we are through with the training, more people would be able able to learn from us and trust me we shall be able to make finance work for Africa.These are some of the issues that came up in todays conferance on the making finance work for Africa.

I know you would like to hear more from me but am sorry,my eyes are itchingg,i have to go to bed,

Good nite God bless.

May be see you at Osu market.This is where i get to meet the likes of my two friends and many more.And this is where we share our knowledge and experiences on our financial world


Prossy Nandudu


3 responses to “Financial literacy, capability, interest rates, Africa

  1. Oh Prossy!! You are so right.

    Both about the editor and the difficulty in explaining these complicated terms to your coconut man. I hope you keep him in your mind and in your heart while you are writing your stories in the next few days. He – as you so aptly put – is your audience.

  2. I think you should call this post “Coming to terms”

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    I look forward to many more entries with high quality info.

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