Fact Finding

Talking about core values in journalism today we learned some hard stuff from our African colleagues. “Tell us about barriers and problems in your average working environment” – that was what we were heading at. The answers proved many struggles the participants had experienced. They left an hour ago and still I´m captured by these remarks and experiences. And I must share them with everyone who might be concerned (lots of people, I hope!). I assume that the circumstances for journalists on this continent should get some upgrade. And – please – soon. Reporters, editors and presenters need independent and trustful conditions. I´ve got this (childish?) wish in my mind, reading those remarks once again. So – here are the “barriers in journalists’ daily life”: Limited and inadequate resources / barriers in transportation / insufficient time / lack of cooperation / conflict of interest / fear of victimization / political intimidation / lack of informants / autocratic tendencies / illeteracy of the public / difficulty to geht official reports / access to information / access to premises / no accessibility to interviewees  (…..)

Michael Thamm


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