Hunger takes you places

In the every day life, you are attracted to to some thing delicious or tasty or some thing. Your nose will accompany your hunger to wherever it finds satsifaction. This was the case for us on saturday. We went out looking for lunch. Our land lord (Eric) took us to some place for variety.  You know what i mean. In my country we would call it katogo. It means a  collection of all sorts of things for a common good. there was a dish of bushmeat which we were told its a grass cutter,  there was chicken,  bats, rats, but my worst site was the  snail. Honestly would you stand the sight of  a snail in your dish at the table for lunch? This is what greated my sight. Believe me, I wouldnt have eaten in that restaurant if i had seen the snail before. That is not all, the lady serving it, warm and welcoming, full of smiles, and nicely displays it on its leddle for me to see, as its green thick soup drops in the dish. I cant blame her . she too was surprised at me. I was like am I in the right place? trust me, I will spend more cedesi (forgive me for the spelling) on chips and chicken in a good restaurant than buying chiecken and rice at 4 cedesi in same place where they serve snails.

CIMG0065That is not the end of the story. Its a delicasy here in Ghana, and some parts of Nigeria. am told, its another sweet thing in Cameroon, to be particular,southwest region of Cameroon. In Nigeria its for the Ibo people. I happened to talk to my friend who happens to enjoy the so called delicacy. she tells me its nice. she says the cook it without the shell. But you must wash it quite well for the slippery part to go off. can you imagine!!picture your self with that slipery stuff in your hands. However this is the main source of  income for the over thirty people I saw working in this restuarant.Most of them are young ladies.Un fortunately,i didnt inquire about the price,but i will be going back next saturday, and i will give you the price if you are rearly interested.

I will keep you posted on this particular story.

I would like to know what particular food values can we get from this thing(the snail) that you and i cant do without!?

Back home in uganda,its ……………..i cant explain,what we would rearly call you if you dared ate one

good bye for now. God bless,

Prossy Nandudu


One response to “Hunger takes you places

  1. Now that’s quite interesting,, but of more interest to me is the fact that our Prossy (Miss small- small) is willing to go back there…strange!

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