Recharge card vendors on the rise

abdullateef3The advent of the mobile telecommunication companies in Ghana gave birth to placement of kiosk and tapoline with logo of different companies littering the city of Accra. Mommodu Ibrahim, a recharge cards vendor on Tradefair road said he ventured into the business of selling telephone accessories also due to the fact that you need little cash for take off and very lucrative. Another vendor on Osu road, Eric John said despite the profit which is already dwindling due to lots of  peolpe in the business, customers pose alot of  challenges such as complains on numbers of the cards fading of and issue of not paying accurate amount when they make calls.

Abdullateef Alanamu


One response to “Recharge card vendors on the rise

  1. I wonder how they decide to go into businesses – think there is some kind of consultancy out there, giving them advice? Do they do market studies? Or just word of mouth? What do the banks rely on when giving them loans? How do they do their books? So many questions…

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