To be honest – I couldn’t resist. It was this inner voice persuading me. “Hey guy: Don´t miss it. It´s a must!” What! A must? For quite a long period I was really convinced to stay where I am. Why moving? Why leaving a safe place and dare a new path? In my opinion totally useless. And more than that – even dangerous. Now people can discover me and spot my new hideaway. I can imagine their faces and thoughts “Finally also him” – or- “another lost soul” – or “never expected him to behave like that” (….).
And they are right. Im surprised too! Help me – I´m a blogger.

Michael Thamm


One response to “Irresistible

  1. Dear Michael,

    okay, this is it. Calm down. Breathe normally. You’ve done it and it’s good. Didn’t hurt. 🙂

    Happy to see how you’re doing!

    Rainy greetings from Scotland into the Ghana sun


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